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Are you tired of feeling financially stressed and overwhelmed, and you’re unsure where to turn to get help?

Do you know deep down inside that your finances could be in better shape and you’d like some trusted expertise to help you start getting your financial affairs in order once and for all?

Are you ready to begin improving your financial health so that you can build even greater financial stability and have more freedom and choice in your life?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, The Financial Health Telesummit and the guidance provided by some of today’s top financial experts might be a great resource to strengthen your financial foundation and keep you moving on your path to financial independence.


As a financial coach and money management expert, I hear people talk each and every day about how they’re feeling financially overwhelmed and stressed.  The last time I checked the statistics, 70% of people are living paycheck to paycheck, and 76% of people are feeling out of control when it comes to their finances. This includes folks who are earning really good money (i.e., $100k and more).  All simply because most people were never taught anything about personal finance.

It’s an epidemic, and I’m here to be part of the solution. Life is too short and should be enjoyed to the fullest and money should be used as the divine tool that it is intended to be instead of being the source of so much anxiety.  Money has the ability to support you in becoming the best person that you can be so that you can make a major impact in this world as only you are uniquely able to do.

However, I am continually finding that the financial overwhelm is holding people back from living their best lives and they don’t know what step to take next to improve their financial health.  In my mind, there is what I like to refer to as the Financial Health Spectrum™ which helps you understand how you can build, protect, and grow your financial assets.

Depending on your individual situation, you may be at one place on the spectrum whereas a colleague or friend may be on another place on the spectrum (PS – there isn’t a bad place to be on the spectrum, it’s just simply information so that you can identify where you are and decide what steps are best for you to take next!)

So with the desire to help you identify your financial opportunities and challenges and begin to reduce your financial overwhelm and stress, I put together The Financial Health Telesummit in January 2014 with some of today’s top financial experts who volunteered their time to help you to assess your level of financial health.  And while the recordings from this event are regularly valued at $297, the great news is that I’m sharing them with you for a limited time for just $97 (a savings of $200)!



The Telesummit recordings cover a variety of challenges that tend to stand in the way of people achieving optimal financial health, including (but not limited to):

  • Lacking a savings & spending plan (a “budget”) that aligns with what matters to you in your life and helps you keep more of the money that you earn;
  • Old patterns or beliefs about money that keep you from earning what you’re truly worth or keeping what you earn from slipping through your fingers;
  • How you may be leaving significant money on the table when you’re negotiating your salary;
  • Not thinking through and/or mitigating potential future risks in your life by investing in the proper type of insurance;
  • Failing to put the appropriate legal documents in place to protect you, your loved ones, or your financial assets in the event of an unfortunate event;
  • Missing the opportunity to invest and maximize the growth of your money so that you’ll have freedom and choice in all stages of your life.

With this event, we’ve addressed each and every one of these challenges (and a few more for good measure!) to help you cut through financial overwhelm and get clear on the tangible and actionable next steps you can take to improve your financial health.

And the experts are simply fantastic…here’s a list of who I interviewed for the event and their relevant topic of expertise:

  • Money Mindset – Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
  • Salary Negotiation – Katie Donovan
  • Insurance (Property & Casualty) – Bill Hunt
  • Insurance (Life, Health, Disability & Long-term Care) – Nicholas Pacheco
  • Taxes – Maggie Mayer
  • Estate Planning (Family Planning/Guardianship) – Amy Antonellis
  • Estate Planning (Elder Care Law) – Laura Handwerger
  • Divorce Financial Planning – Susan Dewsnap
  • General Financial Planning – Mary Brimer Alba
  • Money Management – Beth Marshall


With your investment of $97, you’ll be able to take advantage of top-notch information from some of the best financial experts I know.  You’ll get access to 10 streamlined and effective interviews (mp3 format) and tangible action steps, all from the comfort of your phone, computer or favorite listening device.



It’s time to build a community of financially empowered people. 

Will you take the next step on your journey to financial freedom by joining me and investing in your own financial health?


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