Happy Clients

Below are some words from a few of my happy and transformed clients.  I’m honored to have been part of their journey!

Living Her Best Life

I decided to begin working with Beth following a major life change, a divorce. I was just plain tired of my finances controlling my life and my life’s direction. Like so many other young professionals, I knew I made a good living yet I felt powerless over my mounting debt. I have known Beth for many years and she has always been “on top” of her finances. She seems to know where every dime of her money is and she manages to spend it wisely yet not miserly. She never has to deprive herself of her wants and treats herself very well and she does all this in a seemingly effortless way.  I wanted this same calm in my life. I finally came to a point in my life where I wanted to stop wasting precious energy worrying about money. I wanted to control it instead of letting it control me.

Beth has taught me to face my money; to have a regular meeting with it and not to hide from it. The biggest step in taking control over your money life is becoming informed and the most difficult step is staying informed. I established a weekly money date to keep acquainted with it all and that has helped me immensely. Now, when I need to make a financial decision, it is an educated one and not one just based on whim. This weekly review also enables me to see “the big picture” of my money. I can establish a large money goal and develop a way to achieve it that doesn’t cause me any stress. Once my plan is developed, say to save for a big trip or purchase, I just sit back and watch the magic happen!

What is more important than decreasing the amount of stress in your everyday life? What is your health and well being worth to you? This is what I would ask anyone who wants to know why they should invest in working with Beth. Each day we battle a multitude of stressors in our lives that we have little control over. Our relationship with our money is very much in our control. How we feel about and manage our money effects our relationships, our productivity at work and even our sleep patterns.  I have found that taking control of my finances has helped open doors in my life that I would never have been receptive to before, when I was so preoccupied and worried all the time. I am living the life I want to live now without guilt or fear of money.

If I had to change one thing about working with Beth, I would say that I wish I had chosen to work with her sooner. After our first meeting I had a definite plan in mind with goals that I knew I could work toward and that were attainable. I felt more at peace than I had in a very long time and that was only the beginning!

Michele Morris
Middleboro, MA

From Procrastinating to Proactive

When I began to feel overwhelmed by personal and financial changes in my life, I knew it was time to work with someone who would listen, adapt to my personality, ease my anxieties, and incorporate an approach that would be manageable for me, and Beth was my obvious choice.   I’ve known Beth for a few years now, and she is extremely reliable, full of integrity, and her communication style is very responsive.

Beth has been able to take heavy and complex financial topics and make them easier for me to understand.  I find myself being more proactive with my finances (rather than procrastinating), and I now look at financial matters as something that can be easily managed with the proper attention, instead of something to fear.  I have less anxiety around handling my money and I’ve learned to remove emotion from the equation when making financial decisions.  I’ve been able to establish new behaviors around money and be more consistent in taking financial action.

I would highly recommend working with Beth because she makes the “language” of finances easier to understand, she gets to the root of a person’s individual issues with money while working with their strengths, and she discerns the best approach and plan for each person while using a systematic approach to her work.  Even though I’m still learning about my money and money management, I can honestly say that I’m no longer afraid of money and I’m looking forward to a more positive financial future!

Diane H.
Warwick, RI

Family Finances

I met Beth almost 8 years ago while working for the same Big 4 international public accounting firm. Although we did not work together directly on any of the same clients, we had numerous opportunities to discuss a variety of business topics which quickly enlightened me to Beth’s professional insight, broad knowledge and most of all, her work ethic. As our professional relationship developed, she was always willing to listen, provide guidance, and became a valuable and respected resource to me. As Beth moved on in her career, we remained in contact.

The past few years have presented my family with a number of business and financially-related issues which have required serious thought, decision making and significant amounts of time. Based on my faith in Beth’s business sense and her financial skills, I turned to her for guidance during this difficult time and have been very pleased with the positive impact that her input and perspective has had on me and my family’s situation. To this day, I am continually astounded by Beth’s ability to see the “big picture” and apply her talents in so many positive ways.

Kim Ashley
Coventry, RI

Enjoying Financial Health and Peace of Mind

Before I met Beth I knew I needed help with my finances. As an accomplished business owner for over 23 years and a hard worker, I thought I was just really too busy to spend a lot of time working on my finances. With so much to do, I would just do the minimum I could do to ‘get by’.

After I started working with Beth, I realized that in reality, I was ‘avoiding’ my finances (which I didn’t even realize). Avoidance and ‘getting by’ was the attitude I embraced when it came to how I managed and invested my financial resources… not good!

With her gentle yet firm nudgings, her encouragement, her rock solid support and non-judgmental understanding, I have learned quite a bit about my own thoughts around money, my motivators, triggers and my personal finances, in general.
We’ve reviewed my financial position, the money mindset I inherited from my mother (a single parent raising 5 kids) and I’ve started on a path that I actually enjoy… financial health and peace of mind! What a difference!

I can’t thank Beth enough for all the amazing benefits I’ve received as a result of our time working together. I consider her a friend and a confidante. I HIGHLY recommend her services. If you’d like to get a better handle on your finances, learn what your numbers mean and how best to manage your money for today (and tomorrow)… don’t wait! You owe it to yourself. Get started working with Beth. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be ecstatic you did!

Laguna Beach, CA

From Overwhelmed to Empowered

Although I work with financial information on a daily basis I found that looking at my own finances was overwhelming. I wanted to have someone qualified look at my finances to help me see where I could improve on spending and also understand what I should be paying off with regards to debt vs. where I should be saving.

After meeting with Beth I feel more confident and in control of my saving and spending and realize it is really about the choices we make. Easy choices like not buying coffee each day and bringing my lunch to work allows me to save almost $200 each month that I can use to save or spend on a day at the spa! Beth also helped me target the debt to be paid off first and worked with me to design a plan on how to pay off all of my debt. I finally feel like I am in control of the money instead of the money controlling me and it is SUCH A GOOD FEELING!

The most valuable thing I learned was not just putting money into a savings account but labeling what it is for so it has a purpose. That is so important and makes the savings that much more meaningful. I have already set up three additional savings accounts for vacation, Christmas, car/home maintenance and I will set up more accounts soon.

Beth will make you feel comfortable because she will work with you and the choices you want to make to develop your spending and savings plan and you will not feel judged by her. She will show you how different choices will bring about different results and will help you determine the plan that is right for you. I highly recommend her to everyone!

T. Dalpe

A Separate Vision for Personal and Business Finances

I knew it was time to start tackling my financial challenges when my debt was continuing to build and I started having trouble paying my mortgage and keeping up with all my monthly bills. Beth’s openness and authenticity established an immediate trust allowing me to have the courage to share all my financial information without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

I learned that my personal and business accounts should be separated and thought of independently. This creates a different mindset when paying bills and creates the necessary division among my finances. Projecting out my finances gave me a heads-up if I will be running low so I can address the situation before it impacts my accounts.  Treating my personal and business accounts separately will be the new way I handle my finances from now on.

Don’t hesitate to work with Beth. She will guide you through her process with authenticity, respect and the knowledge to empower you and allow you to reach your financial goals faster than you would on your own.

Michelle B.

Friendly and Fun Family Finances

I’ve known Beth since grade school, and have always known her to be very organized and financially on top of her game.  As a friend of mine over the years, Beth was generous with her time and often shared her tips and strategies with me to motivate me.  However, it was clear me that I had some ongoing challenges, so when Beth started her own business teaching people to learn how to be more in charge of their money, I knew I had to be one of her first clients!

As the primary spender and bill payer of my family, it was hard not to feel guilty of failure or financially defeated.  I was a “buy now, worry later” spender.  I swung back and forth between hunting bargains and unconsciously spending money without a plan, and never really stopped to ask myself if I had the ability to pay for certain things or if I was better off waiting to purchase something until a later time.  I would just slap it on the credit card and figure it out later.  Years of this spending pattern have caused me to significantly increase my debt over time.  I always had an excuse of “I work hard” or “I deserve to be able to go out with friends” or “I’ll be able to pay that off next month.” And despite this spending I still felt stressed and deprived, and I was baffled as to why I couldn’t figure out how to handle money on my own (my husband and I both have Masters’ degrees)!  Also, I was reluctant and resistant about bringing my husband into the conversation about our finances as I felt guilty and responsible for our financial status.

Throughout my program with Beth, she was clear about the fact that there was no judgment from her about my financial situation, and she actually helped me to not feel guilty by making me realize that I just needed to learn the tools and skills that I’d never been taught before.  Beth has taught me how to feel empowered with decision making over my financial plan as opposed to feeling “stuck.”  Beth was also very conscientious about making sure that I didn’t feel deprived while learning how to handle my money more effectively and becoming more aware of my spending habits.  The end results of my work with Beth have been life-changing in so many different ways.  One of the more rewarding feelings I gained from working with Beth was being able to take my family on vacation this summer.  She taught me how to plan for it in advance, and I was able to pay for it by using my DEBIT card!  Beth has helped my family and I develop a plan to make paying down debt more manageable and that uses a step-by-step technique to make it easier to see the big picture about how financial freedom will be attained. Our new plan can be adapted for when life throws us curveballs (which happens often!), and my family now makes a game of it all (finances CAN be friendly and fun as Beth says they can be).  My husband is involved in helping with the weekly meal planning and my 7-year old helps at the grocery store by adding up what we’re planning to purchase to make sure we stay within our planned amount for the week!  And perhaps one of the best outcomes from my program is that now my husband is involved in creating our financial lives together.  Beth had encouraged me throughout the program to include my husband at certain points and I had resisted since I felt guilty, and Beth respectfully accepted my decision not to include him until our last conversation when she strongly encouraged me and I finally agreed nervously.  I’m so glad that I did as that final meeting with Beth that included my husband has brought us closer than ever before, and has unlocked some surprise goals for the future that we didn’t realize the other person had in mind!

My family now has a balanced approach to how we use our money, and we spend and save intentionally and proactively as Beth has taught us to do.  As Beth kindly reminded me during my program, I have to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that I’m still learning new skills – my weekly “money dates” are a critical part of me staying empowered and being on top of my financial life.  My family and I are grateful for what we’ve learned from Beth, and we feel empowered to make informed financial decisions while living our lives intentionally instead of unconsciously like we used to!

Rachel Buccella
Raynham, MA

No more “band-aid” fixes for her strong business

I decided to work with Beth because I was tired of feeling the same way about my money.  As a business owner, I was working a lot, not always paying myself, and having to rely on “band-aid” fixes all the time just to pay the bills. When a few extra bills here and there caused me to use credit cards to pay my independent contractors who usually did get a regular check, I knew I had to do something about the situation.  I knew Beth did this kind of work, and I thought she was very approachable, so I reached out and asked her to work with me.

Beth’s approach is gentle yet thorough.  She is a great listener who truly made me feel comfortable to talk to her about anything.  In our first session I began to feel the anxiety decreasing as I opened up to her about unpaid bills, debt to my family, and other financial secrets that I had held onto because I didn’t know with whom it was really appropriate to share them.  She completely accepted where I was financially without judgment, and has given me the steps and skills to get to a better place.  It hasn’t happened overnight, but gradually I have been able to pay more of my bills of time and also to understand the timing of paying myself so that I am prepared to pay my regular bills.  Taking little steps towards clearing up debt has been empowering.  Creating a clearer separation between my business finances and my personal finances has also been something I’ve gained from working with Beth.

Beth listens to my concerns and always builds our sessions around my questions.  Her ideas and suggestions are eye-opening and fascinating.  The idea of finances being “friendly and fun” as Beth’s motto states was pretty outrageous to me before, but now I am actually having fun with the exercises Beth has given me and I celebrate each time I make a better decision around money than one I would have made before working with Beth.  I now have regular money dates, which I will continue to do forever!  And I am actually starting to save money for specific goals such as home improvements and vacations.  I also look forward to sharing some of my knowledge about saving with my step-daughter as she grows up.

For anyone considering working with Beth, I would say the investment is worth every penny.  You will sleep better at night knowing that you can be in control of your finances and not let them control you.

Jen M.
East Providence, RI

No longer being held back by the “money monster”

I decided to work with Beth because I knew there was something inside of me that did not enjoy managing my finances and I didn’t want to waste mental energy on knowing that this was not my strong point any longer – it was draining my energy and I wanted it to stop.  I was also feeling resistant to embracing financial abundance which I knew was holding me back.  I wanted to break through that resistance so that I could move toward achieving my full potential in my business and in my life.

In working with Beth, I learned many things including why money dates are important to help me feel more financially proactive. I also gained comfort with the amount of time and energy I’m willing to invest in financial tracking (this freed up a lot of mental space for me as it always felt like a burden before), and I learned to empower myself more when I allowed myself to spend some money on fun things without feeling guilty about it.  For my business, I now have a system for following up on unpaid invoices that will serve me well that increases my confidence about my work and its overall value and makes a statement about my personal value to myself and my clients.

In the end, Beth stirred up the dusty corners of my “money attic” and shined some light on areas that need attention (and those neglected corners were the ones that needed the most work, of course!).  I feel much more in control of my business in general since working with Beth, and I am embracing financial management and awareness more than ever before.  I feel like I control the money and that the money no longer shackles me with thoughts of what I should be doing with it.

For anyone who is thinking of working with Beth, she will help you to tame your “money monster” so that you can ride that beast instead of allowing it to keep you cornered!

Dorothy Pang, L.Ac.
San Bruno, CA

Back on track and refocused

Even a 12-year veteran in the financial industry can get thrown off course and become victim to life’s curveballs.  Shortly after my divorce from my marriage of 10 years and moving back to Rhode Island to be closer to my now 4 year old daughter, I found my passion and focus in my own personal goals and financial status rapidly dwindling.  I needed a gut check and to re-energize my own financial discipline.  I needed someone to help me get back on track – someone entrepreneurially-minded, with great analytical skills and practical experience in the financial world, and who understood the corporate culture I have been a part of for so long.  I also needed someone to understand my situation on a spiritual level to help me get centered.

I found everything I didn’t even know I was looking for in Beth Marshall.  I am so happy the Universe put us in each other’s path and that we had the opportunity to work together.  I am now refocused due to our sessions and I am back to being disciplined and checking on my own finances on a weekly basis.  I feel more confident in my abilities to help my own clients and I feel that Beth will be a great asset to have on my own financial bench when my clients need her services.  I recommend to anyone that needs to get back to the basics and focus on what is important in their lives to meet with Beth.  Her process is smooth, her approach is effective and she is truly a unique professional that offers an invaluable experience!

Jason A. Souza
Warwick, RI

Working together as a financial team

Dave and I decided to work with Beth on organizing our finances because we know her, trust her and think that she is organized, smart and easy to be around.  She states her opinion clearly and is respectful of our opinions and feelings.  We knew it was time to tackle our financial goals when I kept saying “where is all of our money going” and felt like we didn’t have a handle on how we could be spending our entire salary.  We needed a third party to sit down with us and help us get our finances in order.

Beth was the perfect person to help us with this organizational task. She is patient, understanding and has a way of grasping our perspective and then helping us to figure out a solution to financial obstacles.  I knew we would be well served because we trust Beth to be “authentic” and give us straight-forward advice. She has always had that personality trait, she understands where we are coming from and acknowledges that, and then guides us to where we need to be. For example, when we were working with Beth to track our spending, I had splurged at Marshalls a few times buying clothes for myself and the kids. Beth did not freak out, she calmly said, why don’t you make a budget or check with Dave before you go shopping and create an amount that you are both comfortable with. This makes so much sense, but I had never done this before, I had always shopped on impulse.  So now, before my trips to Marshalls, I say to Dave, I’m going to Marshalls, I need a new purse and a pair of shoes for kids, I will spend under $100. And if I want to spend more, I will think twice about it, and limit myself to what we discussed. This way I still get to shop, and Dave understands what I’m buying and feels involved.

We have implemented Beth’s financial strategies, we use all of her tools and have a nice structure for keeping track of our finances and setting up plans for future financial goals (like a new kitchen, college fund, Christmas spending, vacations).  Week to week, we keep a white board in our office and write down how much we spend so that we can track spending (other than set bills). This little tool is a lifesaver, it helps us keep track visually all of our combined spending using a simple, clear, convenient tool. Before we started meeting with Beth, we paid our bills on time and spent our money without a plan for where our extra money was going. Now, we have a budget and have a more strategic plan for where our hard earned money is being directed.  We had no big picture plan as a team before.  Now we have a “coach”, who guides us in analyzing our spending and helping us reach our financial goals.

Working with Beth in a 6 month program kept us on track and forced us to spend time as a couple thinking about and planning our finances. The program got us on the same page in terms of how we are working towards our financial goals.

There are things that we want, and things that we want to be better at….like getting in better shape, being a better chef, having a room that looks “designed” like on the design shows.  You can look at a recipe, or buy a DVD with exercises, or peruse through a home decorating magazine, but that doesn’t get you much closer to reaching your goals.  There is no comparison to actually meeting with someone like Beth who is like a chef in your kitchen, a personal trainer with you at the gym, or home decorator in your house helping you arrange furniture and decorate.  Working with Beth in a program gives you time with a professional to structure a financial plan that works for you. It is the most ideal way to create habits for saving and spending that will last a lifetime.  Beth breaks down tasks into simple achievable steps and then walks you through creating a financial plan to help you reach your goals.

If someone was considering working with Beth, I would say do it – you’ll be glad you did! You don’t understand how valuable it is until you really take a handle of this aspect of your life and get your finances in order and have new skills to keep them that way.

We highly recommend Beth’s financial coaching to anyone, in any stage, from getting out of debt up to planning their retirement.  We can all use a coach/trainer to show us good habits and keep us on a personalized financial track that we design for ourselves.

Ellen and David Chafin
Canton, MA

From marital tension to guilt-free living

Before we started our program, we fought about money all the time and could not agree on how to spend it.  Neither one of us knew how to manage our household finances.  We always felt like we were in a place of lack with money and felt powerless.  If we did not address this area of our lives, we were concerned about the negative impact it would have on our marriage in the long run because it was such a HUGE source of tension between us.

In working with Beth, we can clearly see the future value of what we’ve learned because we now know how to save for the short-term as well as the long-term.  We’ve learned that every dollar has a function and a purpose.  If we overspend in one area of our life, we now know to make adjustments in another area to stay within our spending plan for the month.  We’ve also learned how to balance pleasure with financial responsibility.  I had always been very extreme with money…saved it all and then spent it all.  Now we understand how to save money for specific expenses as well as future abundance reserves and we can spend money on material things or activities without feeling guilty.  It is wonderful!

To couples that feel stuck in constant arguing and cannot see a way out, I would say that for many years we thought we could handle our finances on our own.  First I managed the household finances without success, and then my husband thought he would be more successful than I was.  However, we still could not build a savings account and lived a month behind on our credit card bill.  We were each dogmatic about our approach to finances and blaming the other for our financial failures.  We needed an unbiased intermediary to help us move forward and that is exactly how Beth helped us.  If we found a standard budget on-line, we still would have argued about how to implement it.  Beth heard both of our perspectives about what was important to us and devised a spending and savings plan that worked for our unique lifestyle!

Jen and Ed Miskiel
Blue Bell, PA

Attracting abundance and building wealth one step at a time

I met Beth at a Fit for Life Vendor event where my business table was set up next to hers, and I was attracted by her professional signage and her warm personality. Throughout the day we chatted, and I learned that she was offering training in exactly what I needed: being a better steward of my income, spending, and saving.   I have tried to get better at building wealth and having an easy, ongoing cash flow for at least 30 years. This was the year I had committed to mastering it and don’t you know, Beth entered my life!

With Beth’s coaching, I learned how to track my income, spending, and savings in a non-judgmental way. Before working with her, I had so much shame and guilt at not being able to hold on to my money…I’m not a dumb person, but I just couldn’t get a handle on it.

Even though we can’t touch our mindset, I still consider what I learned with Beth about having an abundant mindset as a tangible skill. I’m getting better at building the habit of taking time to envision what I want to attract, and every time I do this with a purpose, money and opportunity comes into my life. This has helped me with my finances, because I always have enough money now for my expenses and some of the things I want, and I no longer have anxiety when I spend money. One of the most valuable things I learned is that I can be a good steward of my income, spending, and saving and that I am worthy of building wealth. There is no cap on the possibilities now that I know these things.

Working with Beth will change your life. In the book First Steps to Wealth, Dani Johnson says that most people want things to change, but they’re not willing to do the work that change requires. If you want to make a change, you have to change. Beth helped me change my beliefs, mindset and skill set, and I’m on the road to self-sufficiency and abundance.

Lisa K.
Rhode Island

Standing in her own financial power after separation

I met Beth in a personal development workshop, and after having several conversations with her about my situation I decided to work with her to help me rebuild my finances and get some “order” in my life. I am recently separated and have never paid attention to the money that was coming in or going out of my household.   My husband always took care of our expenses. I realized shortly after my separation that I had no idea how to take care of myself financially and I certainly didn’t know where to begin.

I have been working with Beth for a few months now and working with Beth is an absolute pleasure.   Any discomfort that I have around money she is able to address in a way that puts my mind at ease. Her step-by-step system keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. I have developed a system, with Beth’s guidance, that keeps me tracking my money weekly and I am now clear on what my budget is. Most importantly, I am able to make informed decisions based on this knowledge.

Thank you Beth for helping me see the abundance in my life.   You have taught me to have a healthy relationship with money and the most important thing is learning to have balance!

Faye Perelis
Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Game changing investment to shift from scarcity to abundance

When I found Beth, I was in denial about how much financial trouble I was in.  In the past, I had earned a salary working for a big corporation, but I didn’t have any clue on how to manage my money being an entrepreneur.  After almost 5 years working on my own business, thinking that the money would come in as easily as the next paycheck, I was broke and in despair.  I was so scared, not only because I didn’t know how I would pay my bills and that I was close to giving up my dream of making it as a health coach and a writer, but also because I had spent my whole life scared of numbers and spreadsheets.  I had also recently realized that I wasn’t able to push through my limitations by myself, and that I was very much in need of a mentor, a coach, someone who could support me not only with numbers and money skills, but also with the limiting beliefs that I had around money.

I remember the first couple of times that I tried to push through the spreadsheets that Beth gave me – I would cry for hours, drowning the keyboard with my tears, while looking at my bank account and my total lack of skills with numbers. It used to take more than 4 hours to handle the numbers alone, so confused by how to handle my personal and business finances let alone all the emotional baggage that would come from learning how bad my financial situation was, and no sign of it being better anytime soon.  Now, not only does it only take 30 minutes per month to deal with both personal and business finances, but I do it with a big smile on my face!!! I know how to navigate and use the numbers in my favor. And because of that, I feel strong to deal with my fears about my debt and my future, and I feel empowered to make my business thrive.

Which takes me to the greatest skill of all: mindset towards money. It was not news for me that I used to have lots of limiting beliefs around how to make and spend money. And at each session and email, Beth walked me with love and assertiveness through my biggest fears and desires, and helped me let go of the scarcity mode and turn the abundance mode on.

Instead of immediately focusing on cutting my expenses, Beth made me aware of how I could spend smart and with purpose. And without effort or suffering, my expenses went down naturally. Beth also supported me to open my point of view to how money can manifest in my life, from the most unexpected ways, and how being grateful about that is key to making more money come into my life – and now it is coming in so many ways!

All that I have learned with Beth I most definitely use daily and it is going to be useful for the rest of my life!  The spreadsheets are so useful not only to track expenses, but as also an incredible tool for managing my life. I look at my numbers to make important decisions and evaluate where I am going.  It helps me to be in check with my emotions too, since it makes me aware of my choices in life.

This is one of the best investments you can ever make – it’s a game changer.  After working with Beth, you no longer are in the game of feeling trapped and like a victim about money. You are in control of it, you see it as a tool, and you learn how to be very skillful with it.

Melissa Setubal
Sao Paulo, Brazil


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