Manifesting Your Own Jackpot

“Luck is the dying wish of those who want to believe
that winning can happen by accident.”

This quote comes from an inspirational video that I watch from time to time, and it reminds me of the curiosity that was stirred within me over the last few weeks as the Powerball jackpot grew to a previously unforeseen amount of almost $1.6 billion.

As I watched, I saw people scrambling to buy their tickets before the drawing while talking about what they would do with the jackpot money if they won. They shared their dreams with others, whether it was about purchasing material items, taking dream vacations, or quitting their jobs to find work that they loved.

And I found myself asking, why are these folks waiting to DREAM? Life is happening right now in this moment, and the likelihood of winning the jackpot is so slim yet their dreams are so rich. The dreaming doesn’t have to stop!

I shouldn’t be surprised though, because I see it all the time with my clients when we start their program talking about their dreams. Often, it’s been so long since they connected with what they really want in their lives because they’ve been stuck in the “ho-hum” of everyday life thinking that’s all they’re entitled to.

When the reality is that we’ve all been gifted with things to offer this world, and it doesn’t take a lottery to remind us of that. Each and every day, we have an opportunity to live into our gifts that we were given to share, and sometimes that starts with the simple willingness to stop and consider what your gifts are…because how can you share them if you don’t know what they are? We all have the ability to change our own lives, right now and in every moment, regardless of whether we win $1.6 billion.

The truth is, the jackpot is already inside of you. You don’t need to wait to win the lottery to begin living your dreams and sharing your gifts with the world, you simply need to remember to tap into your inner jackpot by making a choice to use and share the gifts that you’ve been given! (And yes, in my experience tapping into your inner jackpot will result in manifestation and creation of actual financial abundance in your bank account!)

Need inspiration? Check out this short 6-minute video by Steve Harvey about what it looks like to connect with your gift and JUMP into your life!

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Creating a “You-and-Me” World

“â€Ĥa world where we live in the context and truth of sufficiency and respect for enough, exactly enough for everyone everywhere;

A world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out;

A world where solidarity replaces charity, and a world where the dream is a dream not for some at the expense of others, but a dream for all;

A world where the intelligent and benevolent “force” of Nature is the force that we respect and align with;

A world where the love of money is replaced by the use of money as an expression of love.”

– The Soul of Money (Lynne Twist)

I felt the tears pool in my eyes as I read the above passage. I had never read anything that described my vision for a world of collaboration and connection quite like this did.

Some people may read the passage and say it’s not possible, and that I’m hopelessly dreaming. And that’s okay, I don’t mind. I’ve seen the magic of what can happen when the use of money is aligned with someone’s soul and heart and they use it in a way that transcends scarcity and instead creates joy – in their world and the world of others.

If you haven’t read “The Soul of Money,” it’s an incredible book that discusses the power that scarcity holds in our everyday lives and our world. It talks about sufficiency, and how one of the most important things we’ll ever do as spiritual beings having a human experience is to break free of the scarcity context that has been created in our world in almost every area of our life.

We never have enough time. We never have enough money. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, all day long we’re being reminded in various ways of the scarcity and the “not enoughness” of our situation.

And it takes real courage to step back from what’s so prevalent in our society and stand for something different, to stand for your life and a healthy relationship with money. Taking that up a notch even further, it takes a tremendous amount of awareness and courage to then use that healthy relationship with money to be part of the contribution to the thriving world that Buckminster Fuller (a well-known visionary from the mid-to-late 20th century) called a “you-and-me” world.

The “you-and-me” world is in direct contrast to the “you-or-me” world that we live in now that is filled with the energy of scarcity, competition, greed, and fear. The “you-or-me” world has us believe that there isn’t enough and therefore we must compete with others to get our fair share so that we can survive. It’s a “survival of the fittest” mentality and it blocks our ability to connect with and love others in the powerful way of which we’re capable.

A “you-or-me” world is filled with the energy of scarcity with words/phrases/feelings like this: never enough; emptiness; fear; mistrust; envy; greed; hoarding; competition; separateness; judgment; entitlement; control; busy; and survival. (source: The Soul of Money)

A “you-and-me” world is filled with the energy of sufficiency with words/phrases/feelings like this: gratitude; fulfillment; love; trust; respect; contribution; faith; compassion; wholeness; commitment; acceptance; partnership; responsibility; and resilience. (source: The Soul of Money)

It may not necessarily be easy to shift from our current experience to the “you-and-me” world that’s described here, and thankfully I see more and more of the positive world each and every day.

For me, it’s been important to intentionally focus time on what a “you-and-me” world looks like for me, even if I didn’t necessarily have a phrase or description for it until reading this book. It is with intention that I can create the energy of sufficiency in my life, and align how I use my money with the things that matter most to me.

So what does a “you-and-me” world look like for you? If you’ve never stopped to ask yourself that question before, perhaps with spirit of optimism and new chances that comes with the new year you can spend some time contemplating what you can do to move beyond scarcity into a world where you have enough (and perhaps even an abundance) of everything.

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2015 Recap – What a Year it Was!

As you can tell from my last few articles/posts, November and December have been a very reflective period for me with looking back at 2015 and the lessons that I’ve learned.

Now I’m ready to plan for an amazing 2016!

But before I do that, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite resources with you that I helped to create in 2015. Some of them will focus on your relationship with money, and some of them are resources meant to inspire you in a broader sense.

And an inspiring list of resources wouldn’t be complete without me sharing some of my favorite books about money and finance, including some amazing spiritually-based financial books:

  • The Law of Divine Compensation (Marianne Williamson)
  • The Soul of Money (Lynne Twist)
  • The Energy of Money (Maria Nemeth)
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker)
  • Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck (Michael Rubin)
  • Sacred Success: A Course of Financial Miracles (Barbara Stanny)
  • Overcoming Underearning (Barbara Stanny)
  • Secrets of Six-Figure Women (Barbara Stanny)

I hope that this list provides you with at least one resource to support you on your financial or inspirational journey toward your best self. Wishing you an amazing 2016 full of inspiration, joy, and abundance!

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How to Create Financial Forgiveness for Yourself

“How the hell did I get into this mess?”

“I’m nowhere near as far along in saving for retirement as I should be, I’m doomed.”

“I’m really embarrassed that I have this much debt and that I’m this far behind financially.”

In my initial conversations with potential clients, statements like these are extremely common. It’s one area of life where it is very easy to slide down the slippery slope of “I’m a screw-up” or “I’m not good enough” and land yourself in a heap where all you’re doing is beating yourself up for a wide variety of possible reasons (i.e. having high levels of debt; difficulty paying bills; feeling like you didn’t use money as well as you could have; etc.).

And what I want to say today is that beating yourself up is going to get you NOWHERE. Because if you want a different result, you first get to pull yourself out of the non-supportive energy of the past in order to stand powerfully in a place to create your new financial future. In order to do this, you must ultimately forgive yourself.

As we approach the turn of the calendar year into 2016, I want to offer you a CHOICE to turn things around for yourself if you’re feeling the negative energy of financial decisions of your past. If you want to forgive yourself for getting to the place that you are right now, follow these steps below to come to terms with where you are and shift through to a new place:

  1. Accept and acknowledge where you are now – I teach about “Financial GPS” in the sense that if there’s a new place you want to get to financially, the most efficient way to do that is to understand where you are right now, in this moment. Without knowing that, it will take much longer to get to your destination! Also, if you’re resisting the truth of your situation, it won’t be possible to heal what you’re not acknowledging. So if you want to truly leave your financial past behind you, sit down to ask yourself 3 key questions: 1) What’s working? (and yes, there will be at least 1 thing that’s working, even if it’s simply the fact that you’re ready to shift!); 2) What’s not working?; and 3) What do you get to add/remove? By asking these 3 questions, you’ll get a pretty solid picture of where you are right now (what’s working and what’s not working) and the path to your new financial future (what do you get to add/remove to create different results).
  2. Forgive yourself – If you’re like me, this can often be the hardest step to take when you’re clear that you’ve been a contribution to whatever mess it is that you’ve made (be it financial or something else). I recently realized that I’d been beating myself up pretty badly about some things that weren’t working well in my life, and the decision to forgive myself and begin anew was a powerful one. Within just a few days of deciding to forgive myself and allow myself to see the situation differently (and that I had choice to change things going forward), my energy was lighter and more focused. When you are able to forgive yourself for whatever financial results you created (or haven’t created), your energy will also become lighter and from that space you’ll be best able to decide what the next best steps are. If you’re looking for how to begin forgiving yourself, there are a variety of different forgiveness techniques readily available online. One of the techniques I’ve been working with lately that I love is Ho’oponopono. It is very simple, yet in my experience very effective. In essence, the repetition of 4 simple phrases begins to release the energy and allow forgiveness.
  3. Celebrate and allow healing – Once the energy of forgiveness has been set in motion, you’re more likely able to see the lessons in the situation that you’ve created. While there are indeed certain things in life that are beyond our control, I believe that we are always creating our own reality even if it’s something that is less than favorable. We’re creating our reality to learn the lessons that are perfect just for us (yes, even if it’s not fun!). Therefore, the healing can truly begin when we allow ourselves to sit peacefully to learn the lessons of our respective situations. And as we see the lessons that we’ve created for ourselves, we can also take the time to celebrate the lessons learned as part of our overall growth toward a more powerful and peaceful relationship with money. Allowing ourselves to celebrate where we are (even if it only feels like a small or partial victory), as opposed to telling ourselves what we’re doing wrong/what’s missing, will contribute to a more positive energy and faster healing.
  4. Ask for support – Often as we acknowledge what’s not working and the lessons that we’ve learned, we also identify that there’s something we can use support with as well. There is no shame in asking for support – financial professionals like me love to support others with our expertise! Think of it like hiring a driver to get you more effectively from point A (where you are) to point B (where you want to go) in your “Financial GPS.” You may even want someone to support you in identifying what point B looks like for you.

We all have the choice to start anew each day and leave the past behind us if we choose to forgive and heal. These steps will allow you to unearth and identify what isn’t working in your relationship with money, and make the necessary shift to forgive yourself and move forward into creating a new possibility for your financial future.

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Check Your Rearview Mirror before Creating the Road before You

After writing my last article about the importance of looking at your past beliefs, I realized that looking behind you isn’t just helpful when it comes to understanding the money beliefs that hold us back so that we can shift them. It’s also helpful when it comes to allowing yourself to acknowledge your growth and what you’ve learned!

As happens to everyone from time to time, a few weekends ago I had a moment where I was telling myself that I hadn’t done enough and I was focused more on what hadn’t happened than what I’d actually created. And let me tell you, the energy around it wasn’t fun and I was committed to moving through the unpleasantness as quickly as possible. (If you don’t know, focusing on what’s not working rather than what is working is a surefire way to attract more of what’s not working and I didn’t want any of that!)

So instead of beating myself up about what was missing, I set forth to read all of my journals for 2015 to review what had happened so far and to be with my thoughts about what I’d created. As a recovering overachiever, I always get to be present to the times when the not-so-nice voice in my head tries to remind me “you’re not doing enough!!!”

And what I read in my journals honestly brought me to tears – more than once. It was clear that while some things hadn’t yet happened, that overall I’d done some pretty amazing things! Just a few of the items I included on my list were: skydiving for the first time, co-authoring 2 best-selling books with other amazing women, and completing my transformational trainer certification.

I will admit that I’m proud that the list of things I’ve accomplished this year was lengthy (and my recovering overachiever had conveniently forgot many things), yet perhaps more important than all of the things that I’d done was the woman I now have the opportunity to be in the world. My mindset and the way I think about things has been forever upgraded, and for the better.

After completing my review of my journals and reflecting, I was able to be grateful for what was, for what is right now in this moment, and for where I am as a result. In the weeks since I completed my review, I’ve been gifted with additional opportunities to see my growth over the last 4-5 years including volunteering at a workshop this past weekend that I attended myself in April 2011. What a trip that was to see how much that one workshop alone had forever altered my point-of-view!

Whatever is guiding me to look backward lately is insistent, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to take it easy on myself instead of beating myself up. I’ve created amazing things and I’ve been doing the hard work, and I get to acknowledge myself for that.

And at the same time, I get to gather myself together to gain awareness of what isn’t yet working and charge forward to continue creating the road before me that leads to my dreams. It’s only in looking backward that I can identify what I’ve already created and what I get to address to course correct going forward.

One of my favorite quotes ever to illustrate this point was by the late Apple icon, Steve Jobs. It’s from a commencement speech that he gave at Stanford in June 2005:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well-worn path; and that will make all the difference.”

Will you take the time to look backward, connect the dots, and pave the path ahead with clear intentions?

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