Manifesting Your Own Jackpot

“Luck is the dying wish of those who want to believe
that winning can happen by accident.”

This quote comes from an inspirational video that I watch from time to time, and it reminds me of the curiosity that was stirred within me over the last few weeks as the Powerball jackpot grew to a previously unforeseen amount of almost $1.6 billion.

As I watched, I saw people scrambling to buy their tickets before the drawing while talking about what they would do with the jackpot money if they won. They shared their dreams with others, whether it was about purchasing material items, taking dream vacations, or quitting their jobs to find work that they loved.

And I found myself asking, why are these folks waiting to DREAM? Life is happening right now in this moment, and the likelihood of winning the jackpot is so slim yet their dreams are so rich. The dreaming doesn’t have to stop!

I shouldn’t be surprised though, because I see it all the time with my clients when we start their program talking about their dreams. Often, it’s been so long since they connected with what they really want in their lives because they’ve been stuck in the “ho-hum” of everyday life thinking that’s all they’re entitled to.

When the reality is that we’ve all been gifted with things to offer this world, and it doesn’t take a lottery to remind us of that. Each and every day, we have an opportunity to live into our gifts that we were given to share, and sometimes that starts with the simple willingness to stop and consider what your gifts are…because how can you share them if you don’t know what they are? We all have the ability to change our own lives, right now and in every moment, regardless of whether we win $1.6 billion.

The truth is, the jackpot is already inside of you. You don’t need to wait to win the lottery to begin living your dreams and sharing your gifts with the world, you simply need to remember to tap into your inner jackpot by making a choice to use and share the gifts that you’ve been given! (And yes, in my experience tapping into your inner jackpot will result in manifestation and creation of actual financial abundance in your bank account!)

Need inspiration? Check out this short 6-minute video by Steve Harvey about what it looks like to connect with your gift and JUMP into your life!

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