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How to Proactively Manage Your Financial Energy

Ughhhhhhhh……I hate that part of my life!!!

This was what my friend said the other day when we started to talk about money.  He’s been avoiding taking an honest look at his finances, and I was being supportive of him beginning that process.

And I reminded him that words were powerful – because if he hated money, money will likely not show up in a positive way for him.

What words are you using when it comes to money or your finances?  Does the word and idea of a budget send you into a total tailspin, feeling like you’ll never get to do anything fun again?  Do you find yourself often saying “I can’t afford it” and missing out on amazing experiences in your life?

Money management is both an art and a science.  Yes, it is important to design a financial plan and be intentional about how you use your money to support your life (the “science” if you will).  But equally as powerful is the energy that you bring about how money shows up for you in your life, and the impact that this has on your overall financial foundation.

Here’s the funny thing about your brain…while I’m by no means an expert on the brain, I do know this.  What you feed your brain in terms of energy it will absorb.  If you keep talking about money in a negative way it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and money will likely be a chaotic experience for you.  If you speak of money positively, your brain will adapt to that way of thinking.

And yes, I understand that you may be skeptical about this at first.  But if you don’t believe me, Google the phrase “law of attraction” and you’ll quickly see how much information and evidence is out there that you single-handedly have the power within you to attract results into every area of your life (even beyond your finances).

So what type of financial energy are you looking to create in your life?  I’m going to venture to guess that you’d prefer some positive financial energy, so let’s get to talking about how to do that!

The first step is to choose your words carefully! If you absolutely dread the idea of a budget, then change your words. I prefer to call it a “Savings & Spending Plan,” and it’s pretty much the same thing that represents how money flows in and out of your life!  If you find yourself regularly saying that you can’t afford things, consider taking a step back to be in the question of “how can I afford this?”  If you conclude that you can’t afford something, there is a closed energy about that and no other solutions can show up – you’ve eliminated the possibility of that.  Whereas, if you ask the question of how you can afford something, you leave energetic room for possible options and solutions to show up on how you can afford what you want!

Secondly, be intentional.  If you aren’t already clear on your goals, take the time to get clear.  Get clear on what you want your life to be like and what it looks like.  And then align how you use your money with those goals that you’ve established.  Money can truly be a divine tool to support your every dream and intention, if you invest the time up front to decide what you want.  It’s the definition of being “financially authentic” for me and my clients – align how your money moves in the world with what you’re up to and it’s incredibly powerful.

And lastly, design a money management process that works for you.  Money flows where energy goes, and if you commit to a streamlined and effective process it sends positive energetic signals that you’re able to steward and handle your money well.  And it’s amazing just how many times I’ve seen that this simple step results in more money being attracted into your life!

The choice is yours on how your financial energy shows up in the world and what you attract toward you.  What step can you take today to begin creating more positive financial energy in your life?

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