The 3 “Ms” of Money Mastery – Mindset, Mechanics, and Manifestation

In a recent conversation with a client as we were wrapping up her coaching program, we both realized the breadth and the depth of the work that we had completed in just 9 months. It was an emotional moment, and we were both grateful at the shift we had been able to create for her to have a much more positive and powerful relationship with money.

As we reflected on the 9 months that we’d spent together, we truly realized how much we had been able to accomplish. As a business owner, she had started her program wanting to understand how her beliefs about money were holding her back; how to set up a savings and spending plan that she could actually stick with; how her personal financial situation impacted her business; and how to set financial goals in her business while tracking and understanding her business’ performance.

On our journey together, we started by understanding her money mindset. Money mindset is a set of conscious or unconscious beliefs about money that are typically learned either from immediate family or society at large while growing up. Some examples include: “I’m not good at math or money”; “I’m not smart enough to get rich”; “I have some resentment toward wealthy people”; and “Financial security comes from a good job and a steady paycheck.” And in truly understanding your money mindset, it’s also important to review and revisit how you grew up around money as there are often consistent themes of what you were taught to believe. Once you have an awareness and understanding of your current money beliefs and mindset, the final step is to decide whether those beliefs serve you (i.e. they support you and you’d like to keep those beliefs) or whether you’d like to recondition and shift those beliefs to something new and more supportive.

Once we understood the money beliefs that were standing in her way and how she wanted to recondition those beliefs, it was time to look at how she was using her money and also to set up some money mechanics. Money mechanics are, in a nutshell, the systems and processes in your daily life that support you in keeping your money flowing authentically, proactively, and intentionally. Mechanics include (but aren’t limited to): having a savings and spending plan (or financial plan) that is based on your goals; regularly reviewing how you’re actually using your money in comparison to how you’ve planned to; and having a system in place to reduce debt and also to increase savings.

Finally, after stabilizing and centering this client with a new and improved money mindset and stronger mechanics, she and I focused on the importance of intention with respect to money manifestation. If manifestation is a new word for you, essentially it represents the ability to create something (i.e. to manifest it). In my experience, both with myself, and with clients, manifestation is a process that requires clarity in what is being requested (i.e. specifics like amount, timing of amount, etc.), a strong financial foundation, and a very strong intention and energy behind receiving what it is that you’re requesting. As one mentor once told me, Attention + Intention = Results, and I feel this is highly applicable when it comes to manifestation. What you focus on expands and is attracted into your life, so clarity of intention and desires is critical to ensure you’re attracting what you actually want!

Developing a new relationship with money takes time, and yet at the same time some pretty powerful and profound changes can take place relatively quickly when one dedicates time and attention on their money mindset, mechanics, and manifestation. What next step will you take today to develop your own money mastery?

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