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Moving through Levels of Financial Consciousness

As December rolled around and I sat back to think about the year behind me, I also reflected on the fact that I’d owned Financially Authentic for almost 3 years. 3 YEARS! Wow – where had the time gone?

On one hand, I acknowledged myself for the amazing things that I had accomplished and on the other hand there was this sense that I hadn’t accomplished everything that I’d wanted to. At least yet.

And yet at the end of 3 years my mission was so clear. I’d started my business with the simple goal to support others to learn the mechanics and systems of how to manage money effectively, essentially paying forward what my parents had taught me. And eventually that grew into also working with clients on their money mindset as well. And then I shifted from working only with salaried/employed professionals to also working with fellow entrepreneurs as well. And the shifts and growth continued at rapid pace from that point forward.

I truly began to understand what was meant when someone said “Your self-worth does not equal your net worth.” I’d heard it for years, shared that golden nugget of an idea with many clients, and yet in fall 2014 I truly got it in my bones. 3 years into my business I had invested a significant amount of money to grow myself and to grow my business, and I was realizing just how much shifting of my own financial mindset had taken place.

When I first began my business, I first and foremost taught about the importance of the ability to stabilize your financial life. So much of the financial stress and chaos I experience with clients and others that I speak with comes from not having any awareness of where they are financially speaking, which then gets in the way of them establishing powerful future goals.

So, as I see it, the first level of financial consciousness is STABILIZE. What does this look like? It looks like what many of my new clients are experiencing – financial stress, chaos, fear, and sometimes even some volatility as well. This phase begins with a lack of skills and knowledge to begin to build the financial foundation under oneself for the next phase. There is limited knowledge as to how money is being spent, there is often a healthy dose of consumer debt to be paid down (i.e. credit card debt, student loans, etc.), and there is also a limited amount of savings available to absorb any unexpected surprises in life that generate a new expense. In this phase, it’s important to gather information so that you can understand where you are right now and stabilize the situation.

After the STABILIZE phase, the next phase is CENTER. This is where you’re clear about your financial opportunities and challenges, and you’re looking to strengthen your financial foundation typically by decreasing debt or increasing savings. You may also be in the process of addressing other risks that are present to your financial health – such as applying for and getting certain types of insurance (i.e. life, health, disability, etc.), working with an accountant to get some support with taxes, or documenting personal wishes by preparing legal documents (i.e. will, trust, etc.). Also, unrelated to finances this phase also typically includes beginning to gain clarity on your purpose and vision (through work, volunteering, or starting your own business) which leads to the drive to create something bigger. This phase may also result in less of an interest in purchasing material things – there simply isn’t the same level of pleasure to have things vs. having amazing experiences instead.

Finally, the third phase is EXPAND. And this is the phase I’m in now where I’m clear how my money is moving in my daily life, who is on my financial team, and the fact that my bigger purpose is to fundamentally support a shift in our global mindset from scarcity toward abundance. This phase often results in what I like to refer to as financial confidence which I think of as the ability to confidently and gracefully stand in your power with solid financial systems and strategies in place to support using money as a tool to support your vision. This phase typically includes a lot of growth, personally and professionally, and you’re challenging the status quo and perhaps even creating a new experience for yourself and others. In this phase, there may be wealth already built in the traditional sense (i.e. savings accounts, investments, etc.), and it may also be the case that wealth is being invested and released in order to prepare for the next level. Also, there is a general sense that no matter what the financial results are in your life that you have the skills and knowledge to handle your money and financial situation and that you’re on the right path forward. You’re clear of your power to create and manifest things and can see the abundance in your life on a regular basis.

In the end, the evolution of our consciousness is a journey and not a destination. And of course, this is true for financial consciousness as well. I’m sure there are even more phases ahead for me and others on our financial journey, and each will be just as valuable as the phases behind us.

The journey is full of ups and downs and fears and concerns, and while perhaps painful at times the ultimate growth we experience along the way is always worth it in the end, isn’t it?

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When Money and Quantum Physics Collide

Lately, I’ve been drawn to a field of study called quantum physics, which is essentially all about how we create our experience and everything in our lives.

Now before you go thinking I’ve lost my mind (I can hear you now saying to yourself “she’s a financial expert not a scientist, right???”), bear with me for a bit and see if you can begin to wrap your head around what is turning out for me to be a MAJOR mindset shift as it relates to money, finances, and abundance.

In high school, physics was by far my worst subject. I had an amazing teacher and while the basics made sense I didn’t come close to understanding it beyond memorizing formulas that I would need for tests (and I would quickly forget even those shortly thereafter!).

Last year, one of my business coaches recommended a great book called “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.” It sounded amazing and who doesn’t want to have a lot of money in their pocket, right? I downloaded the audio version of the book and started listening right away…and I immediately had one major issue when I came to a few chapters in. It started to talk about quantum physics and I couldn’t help but fall asleep!!

Several months later in the spring/early summer of 2014, I started to train for the half marathon I would complete in September, and I needed something to listen to that I could sink my teeth into (and quite honestly that would distract me from exercising which I do because it’s good for me, not because I love it). I listened to “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” a few times during my training walks, and I started to understand and hear how quantum physics explained that we are in control of creating our experience at all times, and that there are things we can do to attract abundance into our lives. This was GREAT news as far as I was concerned, and it also dove-tailed with some training I had done earlier this year as well.

I began to think about how this body of knowledge and new insights applied to money and my work as a financial coach – what did this mean as it related to money and attracting abundance, and was there anything new to teach my clients or share with others during presentations I did?

And then the Universe answered me in the form of another book, Busting Loose from the Money Game. And the “happy accident” part of the story is that I intended to order “Busting Loose from the Business Game” (a book by the same author). So when the book arrived on my doorstep one Friday night courtesy of Amazon and I opened it to see the wrong book I said “huh, they shipped the wrong book!” And then I stopped to say “wait – maybe they didn’t ship the wrong book?” Sure enough, I checked my email receipt from when I ordered and I had been the one to order the “wrong” book. What a serendipitous coincidence, yes? I love those!!!

Of course the book is perfect for where I am personally right now, and also as an additional resource and consideration when it comes to my financial work. I will admit that I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all, and I’m by no means an expert, yet I thought I’d share some of the basic take-aways I’ve had with you to share a different perspective and point of view.

Here is a brief look into 3 key mindset shifts I’ve experienced since beginning this latest book (and I’m still working my way through it, so there might be more to come):

1) We create everything in our life – I’ll start with the most challenging concept of quantum physics and abundance, and yet it’s the most important one from my perspective. In a nutshell, at any given time we have participated in creating our current existence, whether it’s the house we live in, our job, or our financial situation. We are born as magnificent and abundant creatures, only to be placed into a world where the primary experience is one of limitation, restriction, or lack which has us believe that there isn’t enough. If we only could truly understand how powerful we are as human beings, we would have access to the unlimited abundance that is our birthright and powerfully create amazing things in our lives.

2) Appreciation and gratitude for every form of money in your life is critical – The concepts of gratitude and appreciation aren’t necessarily new ones, however what was new for me was to think about whether I actually expressed appreciation as it related to my financial commitments. We all live in the physical world where bills are a part of our experience, yet how we approach paying those bills can impact our overall financial experience. When paying bills, do you take the time to sincerely appreciate the value of what was received in exchange for your payment, or do you simply make the payment in a rush and, perhaps even worse, sigh to yourself that it’s more money out the door? The ability to express appreciation for the flow of money into and out of your life is an important part of ensuring that financial energy continues to circulate and you are able to continue to create value and abundance in your life.

3) “Have to” vs. “Get to” – This concept isn’t necessarily from the book itself, it’s more of a language change that I’ve made for myself recently that relates to the above 2 shifts I’ve already mentioned. We often speak of what we do as “I have to do XYZ,” when the reality is that we always have choice – either in doing something at all or in how we energetically approach a task. When we “have to” do something, we’re resigning ourselves to doing it and if we are truly taking the stance that we are the Creator in our own lives, then we absolutely do “get to” do everything – because we created what we get to do in the first place!

Wow – that was a lot of new thinking, even for me! I completely understand that these are new ideas, and they may seem a bit foreign to you at first (as they did to me – they literally shook my brain and gave me a headache for a little while). My hope is that by sharing what I’m learning with you today that it will encourage you to explore whether these ideas and concepts resonate for you as a new possibility to put yourself more firmly in the financial driver’s seat of your life! I know I’ll be doing just that for myself in the weeks and months to come.

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A Spiritual Perspective: Money as a Divine Tool

“To have a balanced relationship with money, you need to respect its energy.”

This quote was recently in a book I was reading, and when I read it I almost cried out in joy. “YES…EXACTLY!!!” I thought to myself.

If you’re a private client or someone who knows me well, you know that this quote articulates one of the most important spiritual financial principles that I teach. When you show money that you respect it, it will show up in ways you could have never imagined to support you in complete and total abundance. In contrast, if you don’t respect your money, then your financial life generally speaking feels stressful and overwhelming.

In fact, there are 3 key spiritual financial principles that I believe and that I incorporate into my work that demonstrate money’s place as a divine tool that will show up to support you in your life:

  1. The energy of money is meant to flow…in and out — In today’s society there is a significant focus on accumulating money for retirement later on in life. And while I am in agreement that having money set aside is a good idea and allows for financial stability, there is a delicate distinction where accumulation begins to feel a bit like hoarding and where the energy of money feels stilted, stale and stuck. Every individual (and couple and business owner) needs to find the balance for themselves that feels good to support financial stability (short term and long term) while giving generously and allowing the energy of their money to move in and out of their life. In my experience, life is too short to wait until retirement or later in life to enjoy it. Find the balance for yourself that allows you to use money as a resource here and now while also setting some money aside for future opportunities and needs.
  2. Manage your money purposefully and wisely and be rewarded — If I’m being honest, this may be my favorite spiritual financial principle because it’s a place where everyone can start right away – managing the money that they already have access to! Stewarding and managing money wisely signals to the Universe that we’re ready for more abundance, and so paying attention to and learning about proactive money management systems and techniques is a critical part of the equation for financial freedom. As a mentor of mine once shared in a story that illustrates this point well…if you took a 5-year old out for an 1-scoop ice cream cone and he dropped it on the ground by accident, would you then turn around and buy him a 2-scoop ice cream cone when he asked for it? Of course not because he had trouble handling the 1-scoop cone as it was! The same is true with money — if you’re struggling to handle what you have right now, why would the Universe give you any more?
  3. We can all attract more money into our lives — If I’m completely honest, this was the hardest principle for me to fully believe in for myself until I had the pleasure of experiencing it over and over (and over) again. Many people (including me several years ago) think that there is a limited amount of money to be divided up and used by everyone in this world. Would it surprise you to learn that by simply making a strong and intentional commitment and taking action in the direction of our dreams that we can attract more money into our lives in a way that doesn’t mean that others have any less money? This one may be hard to swallow and really understand at first, but all I can say is that the power of intention is an amazing resource that is available for all of us to tap in to…and we don’t use this resource nearly often enough, or we use it and then give up on our intentions when it feels like something we want (i.e. money) isn’t happening fast enough.

So, at this point, you’re likely saying one of these three things to yourself after reading this article: 1) “what the heck is she talking about, this makes no sense — she’s crazy”; 2) “this is new, but I’m open to it”; or 3) “this makes complete and total sense and I’m on board.” And no matter where you are on this spectrum, all I ask is that you consider these new thoughts that I’m presenting. Several years ago I thought that effectively managing your money was all about using spreadsheets to make sure your expenses were less than your income. Now I know from the results that my clients have and my own life that the actual science of money management is only the beginning of the formula for financial freedom.

At the end of the day, financial freedom and financial independence aren’t necessarily just about what your bank account looks like in the future, it’s also about freedom from the fear of money and trusting that if you respect money that Universal forces will respect you back and you will be provided for with the right opportunities to support you and the life of your dreams!

Money is truly a divine tool…if we allow it to be.

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