Designing Your Circle of Life

14 months ago I stepped into a training room on February 27, 2014 and my life changed forever (and definitely for the better!).

I began my journey with Gratitude Training in Florida, and started to identify the things that were holding me back from being everything that I could be and learning how to be more of who I am really meant to be.

As I moved through Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the trainings from February through June 2014, I could feel the terrible unfulfilled feeling I’d started the trainings with begin to leave my body while joy and excitement for my life ahead invigorated my soul.

By all pretenses, before I started the training I had a “good life”. And most people might’ve even labeled me as “successful.” Yet I wasn’t happy – I was stuck going through the motions of life, achieving everywhere I could at warp speed and yet that unfulfilled feeling stayed with me. I had no idea what was wrong.

Until I began to explore what Gratitude Training refers to as the “circle of life.” In a nutshell, the circle includes 6 areas of your life to consider in terms of how you would rank it on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being “really bad” and 10 being “awesome”):

  • Health/Body/Fitness
  • Business/Career/Finance
  • Family/Personal Relationships
  • Spiritual/Personal Growth
  • Leisure/Recreation
  • Community/Service

As I spent time during the trainings evaluating each area on a scale of 1-10 in my own life it became pretty clear why I was so unhappy. I’d spent so much time focused on one domain (Business/Career/Finance) that I’d allowed pretty much every other domain to dwindle. Was I having much fun? No. Did I feel healthy (or at least as healthy as I wanted to be)? No. Were my relationships with my family and friends the best that they could be? Ouch – definitely not. And while I had been focused on my spirituality and some community service in the previous few years, I knew there was a much higher level of personal growth and contribution of which I was capable.

So while I teach about building, creating, and strengthening your financial foundation and using money as a tool to support your dream life, it is only one piece of the puzzle in creating an abundant and fulfilled life of your dreams. I’m learning more and more every day how to play in each of these areas of the circle of life, and while it’s not always easy to grow it is always worth it!

And for today I’ll leave you with this question for you to consider:

Are you playing at 100% in all areas of your life?

Many people I talk to have dreams and aspirations to make a major difference in the world. Are you one of the change agents that the world desperately needs to shift from war, hatred, and scarcity to peace, love, and abundance? Is it your time to grab for the brass ring of life and finally go for it?

Please don’t let one more minute of precious and amazing life pass you by. Go for it all, and leave it all on the floor and enjoy the hell out of the ride while you’re at it!

I’ll see you on the ride if you decide to join me. 🙂

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