Writing a Financial Letter to the Universe

Often times I write about the more practical aspects of money management like using your cash flow intentionally, saving money, or getting out of debt. And while each of those is a critical component to building a strong financial foundation and improving your financial health, sometimes it’s also important to look at your finances with a bit more of a spiritual approach.

If you haven’t yet picked up on the fact that I’m equally spiritual and practical, then let me bring you in on the secret now. Yes, I love numbers and systems and processes and spreadsheets. I also am a student of the laws of the universe and enjoy coupling my logical thinking with the more mystical forces at play in our world.

So how can all of this apply to you and attracting more abundance into your life? Great question!

You write a financial letter to the Universe.

Yup, you heard me – you’re going to sit down and get clear on what it is that you want and what it is that you’re willing to do to create what you want!

There’s a great book named “Ask and It Is Given,” and in summary it offers a 3-step formula: 1) Ask; 2) It is given; 3) Receive.

As I’ve been reminded myself in the last few weeks as I’ve drafted my own letter, the critical first step is to be intentional in asking for what you want and finding clarity around what your goals are.

Intention (noun): 1) a course of action that one intends to follow; 2) An aim that guides action, an objective.

I’ve been clear over the last few weeks that my intention is to create a few key things in my life: 1) abundance through my business (financially speaking and also opportunities); 2) clearing space and decluttering; and 3) treating my body well with healthy food and regular exercise. So, in a way, you could say like the definition above I set aims that have guided the actions that I’ve taken in my life.

And the results have been amazing! Simply by focusing on what I want, having the faith that it will show up (and not being attached what it looks like when it arrives), and allowing it into my life I’ve found new clients, my body is feeling much healthier and I feel stronger, and overall I’ve been able to create not only physical space but also a sense of space for amazing opportunities to arrive.

The 3-step formula I mentioned before can easily also be used when it comes to your finances. If there’s a specific goal that you have in mind, then get clear about what the goal is and include it in your “letter” as a request. And then step back, start taking action steps on your end toward your goal and/or commitment, and see what happens. Watch for additional signs to take action on along the way as creating your life is a co-creative process for sure – it’s rare that you make a request and it just shows up on your doorstep without any additional input or action from you (although I’ve seen something pretty close to that, so who knows, anything is possible!).

What do you really want in your life that you haven’t yet asked for and would like to have happen? How is money a tool that could support you in pursuing and achieving your goals? How can you leverage this 3-step formula to enhance the abundant feeling in your life and improve your financial health?

While abundance has a wider definition beyond money, a critical component of abundance is about having access to the financial resources that you need/want to create your life. And while the Universe is a powerful force, it won’t act on your behalf on its own- so be intentional and ASK!

And once you’ve asked simply let the rest unfold…and receive it all into your life with gratitude.

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